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  • AIMSOL LUBRICANTS is dedicated to satisfying customers by supplying its customers with consistently high-quality lubricant and specialty chemicals in the right quantity and at a reasonable value on time.


  • Our Organization is also committed to ensuring Healthy Working Conditions and concentrating on environmental and social responsibility.

  • AIMSOL LUBRICANTS is one of the country's fastest-growing business houses with diverse interests in lubricants, petroleum derivatives that cater to multidisciplinary industries. We operate in the main industries that drive economically and financially viable growth, enjoying a place of leadership anchored by the exceptional strength of its workforce.


  • Our business hallmark is to hold ourselves to higher quality standards. We pick the raw materials based on cost and price. Every chemical is tested to ensure that it meets our quality requirements before it is admitted into our factory. Our fabrication technology uses a tightly controlled computerized process to ensure finished products are of the highest quality.


  • we specialized in the production of lubricants that provide innovative solutions to the greatest challenges facing vehicles and equipment. lubricants' exceptional success in a variety of markets – automobile, power sports, manufacturing, racing, and more – has made our presence in the industry unmistakable and our brand widely regarded.



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